Welcome to Southpoint!

Dear Parents!

Southpoint is a school for all children 2 to 18 years old. Its main principles are straightforward: integration, excellence in education, and environmental friendliness. Each one of them is a huge challenge towards which we develop various techniques. In our twenty six years of existence, we are proud to have achieved some special and substantial things.

If I was to think of which achievements to highlight in a short space, I would mention the following two. One, our school feels like a family. Children are of various ages and have different personalities—but everyone is at home.   What exactly does that mean? It means that they have a terrific comfort level in the school, they love to be there, they know that they can take risks, that their voice will be heard, and that everyone respects and cares for each other.

Second, from the smallest classes up, they aim for an intellectual level where they begin to understand how everything is connected. What does that mean? It means that they make connections between their subjects. They make connections between subjects and their own lives. They learn their subjects not only well enough to get high marks in their examinations, but to use their knowledge to think creatively and masterfully about their own place in their nation and the world.

These two jobs—of making our school a place of high intellectual learning a place of learning that is also home—are something that all the adults at Southpont labour towards. As one of them, I can tell you that part of the success lies in the pleasure of the work. Southpoint is a fun place to be in!

We hope to see you soon at Southpoint! In the meantime, please explore our website and contact us with any questions.

My best wishes,

Nita Kumar, Director

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