How to Apply

Our Admissions counsellor is available at the school office from 8 am to 2 pm Mon-Sat. Admissions are open from January till April of the next academic year, and then on a rolling basis if there are still places available in any of the classes.


Please come in to the office to fill out the admissions form and for a meeting about your child. Our admissions counsellor will discuss any questions you might have about our school, as well as our expectations of the child’s guardians and family.

For Preschool, there is no test or interview of the child. After filling out the form and the counselling session, the child is admitted according to age, to one of our four preschool classes.

For class 1 to 3, we have an evaluation of English, Hindi, and Mathematics in order to determine the level of the child, so that we can place her/him in the appropriate class.

We highly recommend that parents attend our Open House or Fair in order to get a feel of the school and the kind of work we do. Please enquire in the office for upcoming events that you may attend. We want the family to know about our educational philosophy and choose it consciously for their child. The more that a parent can learn about parenting and education, and the more involved they can be in the school’s activities, the more successful the child will be!